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Chapter 4: Workbook Support
Workbook Support
Excel Services loads, calculates, and displays Excel 2007 workbooks. There are a few differences
between these two applications in terms of the level of support for Excel features.
Excel Services supports only the Office Open XML (*.xlsx) and the Excel Binary (*.xlsb) file
formats. It does not support opening older file formats (such as *.xls) or workbooks containing
code (such as *.xlsm).
There are some Excel features that are not supported on the server. The most important ones are
query tables, images, shapes, and VBA projects.
Excel Services will not open a workbook that has unsupported features in it. After the server opens
a workbook, there is full fidelity in the way the data is calculated. In some cases, there are relatively
minor differences in the way the workbook is displayed in the browser. One of the most important
differences is that three-dimensional charts are displayed as two-dimensional charts.
When the workbook is displayed, only a subset of the Excel functions can interact with the
This chapter describes the various Excel features that Excel Services supports, and the best practices
for deploying successful workbooks to the server. The discussion provides valuable background
about how some features are employed in Excel, examines which features are not supported in
Excel Services, and presents possible workarounds for the unsupported features. Although this
chapter focuses on the features that are not fully supported, Excel Services does support with full
fidelity many of the important Excel features. Depending on your workbooks, you might need to
perform additional steps to get them working on the server.
Supported File Formats
Excel Services supports only the Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) file format and the Excel Binary
Workbook (*.xlsb) file format. You can author workbooks in these file formats with Excel 2007 or
programmatically. In addition, you can install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack with Microsoft Office
XP or Office 2003 to save workbooks in these file formats to the server.
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