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Restricted Permissions
Files with restricted permissions allow you to specify which users are allowed to read, copy, print, edit,
save, and programmatically access your workbook. This feature is also known as Information Rights
Management IRM ). Excel 2007 uses a server to authenticate users and decide which permissions (if any) (
a user is allowed to have on a workbook.
To set up restricted permissions, click the Office Button, and then select Prepare, Restrict Permissions,
and Restricted Access. Figure 4-3 shows the Prepare menu in Excel 2007.
Figure 4-3
Excel Services does not allow users to open workbooks with restricted permissions. To publish a
workbook to a server, choose Unrestricted Access from the Restrict Permission submenu, and use the
SharePoint permissions model to grant access to the users. Here’s how the SharePoint permissions map to the
IRM permissions:
Read access — To allow users to view the workbook in the browser, grant them the View Item right.
To allow them to open the workbook in Excel and view the source of the workbook (including
formulas and data connections), grant them the Open Item right. To prevent users from viewing
the workbook, deny them both rights. The View Item right is available only when the workbook
is saved in a SharePoint document library (not in a UNC or HTTP location).
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