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Unsupported Features
Web Queries
With web queries, you can have a sheet range that downloads data from a web page. To create a web query,
select the Data tab in the Excel Ribbon, click From Web, and choose the part of the web page to download.
Excel Services does not support web queries. To work around this, you can write a UDF that queries the
data from the web page.
Graphics Objects
Excel Services does not support most of the Excel graphics objects, such as pictures, Clip Art, shapes,
and SmartArt. You cannot open a file with any of these features.
Excel Services does support charts, with some limitations. You will learn more about chart support later
in this chapter.
Although there is no direct workaround for the lack of graphics objects support, in most scenarios there
is no significant functionality lost if these objects are removed from the workbook.
You can replace some of these objects with formatted text to get an approximation of the original feature.
In most scenarios, you can replace text boxes, WordArt, signature lines, and pictures of the company
logo with formatted text and maintain a good end-user experience.
The following unsupported features are available on the Insert tab of the Excel 2007 Ribbon (shown in
Figure 4-4):
Picture — An image from a file
Clip Art — Drawings, movies and sounds from the Clip Art collections
Shapes — Lines, rectangles, circles, arrows, callouts, and flowchart shapes
SmartArt — A new type of illustration available in Excel 2007, including process, relationship,
hierarchy, and pyramid diagrams
Text Box — Allows text to be entered anywhere on the sheet
WordArt — Various styles of decorative text
Signature Line — A placeholder for a graphical signature
Object — An embedded OLE object
In addition, the following graphics features are not supported in Excel Services:
Ink annotations — Graphics entered from a Tablet PC with a tablet pen.
Comments — Notes usually intended for reviewers of the workbook, available on the Review tab
of Excel.
Smart tags — If there are smart tags embedded in the workbook (which you enable on the Smart
Tags tab of the AutoCorrect Options dialog box), the workbook will not be opened on the server.
Smart tags that are not embedded will not be calculated dynamically on the server.
Grouped charts — Charts are generally supported, but two or more charts that are grouped are
not supported.
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