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Par tially Supported Features
Other Features
Several other unsupported features do not fit in any of the previously mentioned categories, including
the following:
Data validation
Shared workbooks
Formula view mode
Data Validation
Data validation allows you to define valid values for certain cells and give users an error message when
they enter invalid values to those cells.
To set up data validation, select the Data tab of the Excel Ribbon, and click Data Validation.
Excel Services does not support workbooks with data validation. This feature is relevant in the context
of workbook parameters used to enter a value into a cell through the EWA. A partial workaround is to
add a conditional formatting rule that will change the color of the parameter cell based on its validity.
For example, red would mark an invalid value.
For API applications, you can add custom logic in the client application to validate the input.
Shared Workbooks
Shared workbooks allow multiple users to open and edit the same workbook in parallel.
To set up a shared workbook, select the Review tab of the Excel Ribbon, and click Share Workbook.
Excel Services does not support shared workbooks. There is no good workaround to allow multiple
users to edit the same workbook at the same time on the server.
Show Formulas Mode
The Show Formulas mode in Excel displays the formulas in the worksheet instead of the results of the
formulas. To set up this mode, you select the Formulas tab of the Excel Ribbon, and click Show Formulas.
Excel Services will not open a workbook that displays the formulas. If you need your users to see the
formulas, a workaround might be to display them as text in a different cell in the sheet. In most server
scenarios, you should not disclose the formulas to your server users, especially when using View Item rights.
Partially Supported Features
When a workbook is opened on the server, there should be full fidelity between the server and the client
in terms of the data values that are calculated. In some cases, there are differences in the way the
information is displayed in the browser. This section examines those visual differences.
Even if a feature is not fully supported on Excel Services, it will be loaded by the server, and saved back
with full fidelity when the workbook is opened in Excel.
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