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Par tially Supported Features
In addition, Excel Services does not support gradients and some of the advanced visual effects.
Figure 4-6 shows a side-by-side comparison of charts displayed in Excel and Excel Services. The top
charts are almost identical. The bottom set of charts shows how three-dimensional charts are displayed
as two-dimensional charts.
Figure 4-6
Calculation Extensibility
Excel allows several types of add-ins that can be invoked as part of the calculation formulas. Excel
Services does not support any of these types, but does allow you to write managed UDFs.
If a UDF with the same signature is not installed on the server, then the server will not be able to
calculate the workbook in the same way as the client. The behavior will be the same as when the UDF is not
installed on the client machine (the cell will display the error #NAME?).
You should write managed UDFs that have the same signature and functionality as the client add-ins,
either by writing new code or wrapping the client code in a managed UDF. Chapter 14 discusses Excel
Services extensibility in detail.
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