Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Although Excel Services supports most of the Excel features, there are some important features that are
either not supported, or supported with some differences. You should expect a certain overhead required
from the authors of the workbooks to have them work correctly on the server.
In this chapter, you learned about the best practices for authoring existing or new workbooks for the
Ensure that you publish in the correct file format. Excel Services supports only the *.xlsx and
*.xlsb file formats.
Familiarize yourself with the unsupported features described in this chapter. Take them into
account when authoring a new workbook and when deciding if you can port an existing one.
Consider alternatives and workarounds to the unsupported features.
Publish the important workbooks to the server and test them before making them available to
your end users.
The chapter also pointed out that after the workbook is opened on the server, there might be some visual
Chapter 5 discusses querying data from external data sources. It examines setting up the server to enable
external data connections, security, performance, and common configurations.
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