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Connecting to Data
Data Connection Libraries
Data Connection Libraries DCLs ) are SharePoint document libraries that contain connection files to (
nal data sources. A workbook can embed the definitions of external data connections or link to data
connection files in any folder or SharePoint document library (such as a DCL).
DCLs are central repositories of connections. A power user usually defines these for their group or
organization. After data connection files are published to a DCL, workbook authors can use them to easily find
connection definitions for their workbooks.
You can use DCLs to centrally manage all the connections. Changes in a DCL file propagate to all the
workbooks that use them. As an example, consider a database that is moved from a test server to a
production server. Instead of changing all the reports for that database, you could centrally update the data
connection file in the DCL. Any workbook using that DCL file receives the updated connection to the
new database server.
In addition, using connections from a trusted DCL allows for better security, because only a few trusted
users have permissions to create these files.
Figure 5-2 shows an example of a DCL.
Figure 5-2
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