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Trusted Locations
By using trusted locations, the administrator can limit which workbooks may be opened by Excel Services.
Each trusted location has settings that depend on the level of trust the administrator has about giving the
authors permissions to write to that location. For example, a trusted location that points to a document
library to which only a few trusted authors have write permissions will be very trusted.
The administrator can control the Allow External Data, Warn on Data Refresh, and Stop When Refresh
on Open Fails settings for each trusted location (see Figure 5-5).
Allow External Data
By using the Allow External Data setting, the administrator can choose not to allow external data queries at
all for locations that have a large number of authors (and, therefore, cannot be trusted), to allow only data
queries with connections coming from a trusted data connection library, or to allow all external data queries.
Warn on Refresh
With the Warn On Data Refresh setting activated, users who try to refresh data from an external source
receive a warning about the potential security implications. From a security point of view, you can turn off
the warning if only a small number of trusted authors are permitted to author workbooks in the trusted
Figure 5-5
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