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Stop When Refresh on Open Fails
Normally, if a workbook doesn’t have refresh on open, or the refresh on open fails, the workbook displays
the cached values from the sheet. When the query results depend on the user’s credentials, the author’s
query results that were saved in the file are displayed to the other users if the query fails. When this
setting is turned on, Excel Services returns an error instead of displaying the saved values when the refresh
on open fails.
Trusted Data Providers
Trusted data providers were described at the beginning of this chapter. They allow the administrator to
limit the queries only to data providers that were deemed safe.
Trusted Data Connection Libraries
By using trusted DCLs, the administrator can further limit which connections are allowed in the
Credentials Delegation
In the previous sections, you learned about the flow of data connections and their security limitations.
This section examines the credentials that are used to connect to data.
One Hop
On a client application such as Excel, the user is logged in on the client machine. When Excel establishes
a connection to the database machine, the underlying operating system passes the user’s credentials to
the database server. Figure 5-6 shows the connection from the client to the database server.
Client machine:
User is logged in.
Server machine:
User request is sent
with the user’s credentials.
Figure 5-6
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