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Figure 5-9
If you use an account with more privileges, a workbook that has None as the authentication method can
be opened with that account.
The main advantage to this method is similar to the workbook-embedded credentials. Everyone has the
same username and password to connect to the databases. In addition, the password is saved securely in
the server settings, so users cannot access it by getting the workbook.
The main disadvantage is that all users have the same credentials to all the databases when the author
sets the authentication to None. There is no way to limit this feature to certain databases.
Single Sign-On
Single sign-on (SSO) is a technology that provides credentials to access certain enterprise applications. In
the case of Excel Services, the enterprise application should be a database. For this type of application,
an administrator gives credentials to each user or group of users.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server has a default SSO provider. It also allows you to plug in third-party
providers that implement a certain interface.
To use SSO, the workbook author must set the connection authentication method to SSO and specify the
enterprise authentication. When opening this type of connection, Excel Services gets the credentials for
the current user and the given application from SSO, and then uses those credentials to connect to the
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