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Figure 5-13
EWA enables you to control how periodic refresh is performed. To disable periodic refresh, uncheck the
Periodically Refresh If Enabled In Workbook setting in the EWA tool pane. If the above setting is checked,
periodic refresh will be enabled.
EWA can perform periodic refresh in one of three ways. Use the Display Periodic Data Refresh Prompt
to choose from the following:
Always — Selecting this option tells EWA to notify users when the periodic refresh interval has
expired. You are given the option to refresh the connection once and show the notification again
the next time it has expired, or to never show it again. Use this option when you want to notify
users and do not want the data to automatically refresh without user intervention.
Never — Selecting this option means that the notification will never be displayed. The data is
automatically refreshed every time the periodic timeout has expired, without any notifications
to the users. Select this option in unattended dashboard scenarios.
Optionally — Selecting this option is similar to selecting Always. It tells EWA to notify you
when the periodic refresh timeout has expired. The notification bar has an additional option
that allows you to switch to the automatic mode that performs the refresh without displaying
the notification bar.
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