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The credentials that should be defined for connecting to a database depends on your
configuration and requirements. Excel Services supports a number of authentication settings.
Kerberosconstrained delegation uses the end user’s credentials. SSO has a mapping of groups or users to
database credentials. In addition, a predefined unattended account can be used to connect to a
Excel Services uses caching and sharing results between users with the same credentials in
order to increase performance. You can configure your server for optimal performance.
The EWA has a number of settings to control how data is refreshed in dashboards.
This chapter has also provided a number of recommended configurations to solve a few common
scenarios. Each situation is different, and you can tune the server to best fit your needs.
Chapter 6 discusses capacity planning for Excel Services. It examines the hardware needed for your
deployment. When planning your configuration, you should take into account various factors, such
as the number of users, types of workbooks and requests, and usage patterns.
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