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Chapter 6: Capacity and Deployment Planning
Medium Farm Topology
The medium server farm topology typically consists of three or four computers. The medium farm will
contain a database server , an application server , and one or two WFE servers . The database server is used
to host SQL Server 2005 (or SQL Server 2000), along with the configuration and content databases. The
WFE servers contain the Excel Services WFE components and may host the search service. The
application server contains the ECS components, and may host the indexing service. Figure 6-3 shows a
medium farm topology.
The medium farm represents a shift away from a single server hosting all Excel Services components. With
the medium farm, the Excel Services WFE components are now separated from the ECS application server
components. The addition of a second WFE server (also containing the Excel Services WFE components) is
common in a medium farm, and represents a move toward scaling out Excel Services.
The medium farm offers more Excel Services functionality than the small farm. If the workbook
characteristics are going to remain constant, the medium farm can provide support for higher concurrent Excel
Services users, provided the ECS application server component was not already the bottleneck.
Rich/Thin Clients
SQL Server
Configuration and
Content Database
Excel Services
Front-End Web
Server Components
Office SharePoint
Server 2007
Front-End Web Server
Excel Services
Application Server
Office SharePoint
Server 2007
Application Server
External Data Sources
Figure 6-3
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