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Chapter 6: Capacity and Deployment Planning
Large Farm Topology
The large server farm topology typically consists of six or more computers. The large farm contains two
clustered database servers , multiple application servers , and multiple WFE servers . Each WFE server hosts
the Excel Services WFE components. Each application server hosts specific MOSS services. This means
that the ECS components are hosted on one or more application servers, depending on the capacity
expectations of the system. The search and indexing services can also be hosted on separate application
servers. Figure 6-4 shows a large farm topology.
In a large farm topology, you can essentially customize Excel Services to address the infinite combinations
of concurrent users, calculation intensity, and workbook complexity. One or more application servers exist
specifically to host the Excel Calculation Services components. By scaling out the ECS, opportunities now
exist to provide support for a high number of concurrent users simultaneously with a high number of
unique workbooks. Even long-running calculation operations in calculation-intensive workbooks and
large external data queries can be supported.
Rich/Thin Clients
SQL Server
Configuration and
Content Database
Excel Services
Front-End Web
Server Components
Office SharePoint
Server 2007
Front-End Web Servers
Excel Services
Application Server
External Data Sources
Office SharePoint
Server 2007
Application Servers
Figure 6-4
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