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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
This section introduces all of the Excel Services administration settings that can be configured through
Central Administration. A collection of web pages provides the interface for working with these Shared
Service Provider (SSP) configuration settings.
The discussion continues with the Excel Services administration settings by covering the command line
equivalent to the web page administration of Excel Services.
This section focuses primarily on Excel Services settings and not the shared settings found elsewhere in
Central Administration, or as part of a SharePoint site (such as SSO or document library properties).
Although the shared settings can have an impact on Excel Services, they are not the focus of this section,
and are discussed throughout this topic as the topics present themselves.
Using Central Administration
The administration pages devoted specifically to Excel Services have been separated into five key areas:
Excel Services Settings
Trusted File Locations
Trusted Data Connection Libraries (DCLs)
Trusted Data Providers
User-Defined Function (UDF) Assemblies
To get to these areas, you use a browser on the Shared Services Provider (SSP) administration page.
You access this page through Central Administration.
Excel Services Settings refers to the collection of properties that you can access through the Shared
Services Administration’s ExcelServerSettings.aspx page. Collectively, the five top-level pages noted
here can also be referred to as the Excel Services Settings. To keep all of this clear, the term “Excel
Services Settings” is used in this chapter to refer to the properties presented on the
ExcelServerSettings.aspx page.
Each SSP has its own set of configuration values for each of the Excel Services properties. The settings
captured by the Excel Services Settings administration area are scoped to the SSP. Additional settings are
available through the Trusted File Locations administration area, and they are scoped to the trusted
location within the SSP.
Editing Excel Services Properties
Follow these steps to navigate to the area of Central Administration where you can access each of the
five Excel Services administration pages:
Start Central Administration by clicking Start
All Programs
Microsoft Office Server
SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.
From the Central Administration default page (see Figure 7-1), navigate to the Shared Services
Administration page for the SSP you want to configure. The left side of the Central Administration
home page contains links to each SSP that exists in your farm. Click the SSP that you want to
configure. (If you performed a default installation, the only available SSP is SharedServices1.)
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