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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Trusted File Locations
Excel Services loads workbooks only from locations that have been explicitly added to the Trusted File
Locations list. This list is empty by default. You must create at least one trusted location to begin using
Excel Services. The scope of trusted file locations is limited to the SSP under which they are created.
After you get past the hands-on learning stage and are ready to consider deploying a production server,
some amount of trusted location planning would be beneficial. For some deployments, you may want to
create a top-level trusted location of https:// and then one-off trusted locations for the few scenarios
where additional control is necessary. The other extreme is to avoid the use of https:// as a trusted
location and commit to many trusted locations to meet your needs.
Something else to keep in mind as you start working with trusted locations is the permissions associated
with each of the trusted locations where you will be storing your workbooks. You need to apply the
proper rights and roles to the trusted locations to ensure that your workbooks are as accessible only as
you intended them to be.
Trusted Location Properties
Follow the directions provided previously in this chapter to navigate through Central Administration
until you arrive at the SSP home page. Then click the Trusted File Locations link in the Excel Services
Settings section on the right side of the page.
The ExcelServerTrustedLocations.aspx page is displayed (see Figure 7-3). You can use this page to add a
trusted location, edit an existing trusted location, delete an existing trusted location, or simply see the
properties for the existing trusted locations.
Figure 7-3
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