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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
To edit or delete an existing trusted location, open the edit control block (ECB) menu associated with the
corresponding trusted location entry in the list, and select the operation you want to perform. To create a
new trusted location, use the Add Trusted File Location link at the top of the trusted locations list.
As shown in Figure 7-4, the Location section of the page contains settings for the following trusted file
location properties:
Address — This is the full path to the trusted location and can be a SharePoint site or
document library, UNC path, or web folder. Entries such as http:// or https:// are supported
as valid addresses and indicate to Excel Services that all content in the Windows SharePoint
Services (WSS) content database is to be trusted. You cannot enter a local folder path (such as
E:\TheWorkbooks) as the address. Following are examples of valid addresses for a trusted file
Location Type — Use this to identify the storage type for the trusted location. You have three
options: Windows SharePoint Services, UNC, and HTTP. If the syntax of the Address field
does not correspond with the Location Type field, the trusted location Save operation will
return an error.
Figure 7-4
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