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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Trust Children — If you want to trust the children (sites, libraries, or folders) of your trusted
location, select the Children Trusted check box. The default setting is to not trust children.
Description — This is an optional field that you can use for documentation of the trusted
Session Management
As shown in Figure 7-5, the Session Management section of the page contains settings for the following
trusted file location properties:
Session Timeout — The maximum amount of time (seconds) that a session remains active before
it is timed out, as measured from the end of each request using the session. The default value is
300 seconds. This timeout value becomes applicable following the first interactive request for
the session (such as a PivotTable drill operation or calculating the workbook). The Short Session
Timeout (which is explained next) is the applicable session timeout value when a workbook is
initially loaded and before any user interactivity occurs. The Session Timeout property can have
the following values:
0 — The session will expire immediately upon completion of the request.
-1 — The session will never timeout.
1 through 2073600 (24 days) — The session will expire after this number of seconds.
Figure 7-5
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