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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Calculation Behavior
As shown in Figure 7-7, the Calculation Behavior section of the page contains settings for the following
trusted file location properties:
Volatile Function Cache Lifetime — The maximum amount of time (seconds) that a computed
value for a volatile function will be cached for automatic recalculations. This setting has no
bearing if the workbook is loaded in manual calculation mode. The default value is 300. You
can set the following values for this property:
-1 — Calculated once when the server initially loads the workbook. Everyone receives
this version and the values from the calculation that occurred when the workbook was
first loaded by the server. You can still cause the workbook to calculate again, but you
will be the only one who sees the results.
0 — Calculated when the server initially loads the workbook and each time someone
asks for the workbook.
1 through 2073600 (24 days) — Calculated when the server initially loads the workbook.
The server calculates the workbook on subsequent requests for the workbook if the
cache lifetime is exceeded. New requests for the workbook receive this version.
Workbook Calculation Mode — This setting determines how the ECS calculates workbooks when
loading them. You have the following four options for this setting:
File — This is the default. It uses the calculation mode specified by the workbook.
Manual — Overrides the workbook’s calculation mode. Only manual calculation is
supported, so the workbook will never calculate when loaded by the ECS.
Figure 7-7
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