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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
The syntax for working with the command line is fairly standard. It uses the following argument types:
User input required — An argument that requires you to enter custom information contains <
and > to represent where you need to enter information, and includes a description of the
information you need to provide. For example, -Location <URL|UNC> indicates that you need to
provide either a URL or a UNC value for the Location property of the trusted location.
Optional — The optional arguments are surrounded by [ and ]. For example, [-SessionTimeout
<time in seconds>] indicates that SessionTimeout is not required, but can be included if
you want to set the Session Timeout property for the trusted location.
Required — Any arguments that don’t begin with [ must be included. For example, you must
always include -Ssp <SSP name> .
Restricted values — Some arguments require a value to be set, but the valid values are fixed.
For example, -LocationType SharePoint|Unc|Http indicates that the only valid value is
SharePoint, Unc, or Http. If you do not use one of these values, the operation will fail and an
error will be returned.
Try It Out Adding a Trusted Location
In this example, you create a SharePoint trusted location in the SharedServices1 SSP. As a result, the ECS
will open workbooks up to 15MB in size.
Follow these steps:
1. Open a command window and navigate to the directory containing the stsadm.exe file.
2. Enter the following to create the trusted location:
stsadm -o add-ecsfiletrustedlocation -Ssp SharedServices1 -Location
http:// -LocationType SharePoint -IncludeChildren True -MaxWorkbookSize 15
The following code shows the supported command-line arguments for working with trusted file locations:
stsadm -o add-ecsfiletrustedlocation
-Ssp <SSP name>
-Location <URL|UNC>
-LocationType SharePoint|Unc|Http
-IncludeChildren True|False
[-SessionTimeout <time in seconds>]
[-ShortSessionTimeout <time in seconds>]
[-MaxRequestDuration <time in seconds>]
[-MaxWorkbookSize <file size in Mbytes>]
[-MaxChartSize <size in Mbytes>]
[-VolatileFunctionCacheLifetime <time in seconds>]
[-DefaultWorkbookCalcMode File|Manual|Auto|AutoDataTables]
[-AllowExternalData None|Dcl|DclAndEmbedded]
[-WarnOnDataRefresh True|False]
[-StopOpenOnRefreshFailure True|False]
[-PeriodicCacheLifetime <time in seconds>]
[-ManualCacheLifetime <time in seconds>]
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