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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
[-MaxConcurrentRequestsPerSession <number of requests>]
[-AllowUdfs True|False]
[-Description <descriptive text>]
stsadm -o remove-ecsfiletrustedlocation
-Ssp <SSP name>
-Location <URL|UNC>
-LocationType SharePoint|Unc|Http
For a detailed description of the supported trusted location properties on the SSP Trusted File Locations
administration page, refer to the “Trusted Location Properties” section earlier in this chapter.
Excel Services Settings
The properties on the Excel Services Settings administration page affect all workbooks opened from any
trusted location for the SSP. Additionally, all Excel Calculation Servers in the SSP are affected by these
properties. If you envision scenarios where one setting isn’t going to work for this broad scope, consider
alternative configurations for your deployment, such as creating additional SSPs.
Excel Services Settings Properties
Follow the directions provided previously in this chapter to navigate through Central Administration
until you arrive at the SSP home page. Then click the Edit Excel Services Settings link in the Excel
Services Settings section on the right side of the page.
The ExcelServerSettings.aspx page is displayed. You can review the existing values or edit the settings to
fit your specific requirements. Keep in mind that these properties can impact every ECS contained in the
SSP and every workbook opened through the SSP.
As shown in Figure 7-10, the Security section of the page contains the following Excel Services settings:
File Access Method — This setting determines the authentication method used by the ECS to get
workbooks from trusted file locations other than SharePoint document libraries. You have two
options for this setting:
Impersonation — This is the default. The end-user account is used to access the
Process account — The ECS process account will be used to access the workbooks.
Connection Encryption — This setting determines if the communication between clients and the
WFE components of Excel Services are required to be encrypted. You have two options for this
Not Required — This is the default. Encryption is not required.
Required — Encryption is required.
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