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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Figure 7-10
Load Balancing
As shown in Figure 7-11, the Load Balancing section of the page contains the following Excel Services
Load Balancing Scheme — This setting determines the scheme for load-balancing sessions across
the available ECS processes. You have three options for this setting:
Workbook URL — This is the default. The WFE uses a hash based on the workbook URL
to determine the ECS machine. The same workbook is serviced by the same ECS
machine. This method reduces the memory consumption on the ECS machine, because
each workbook will be opened on only one ECS machine. The disadvantage of this
method is that it does not use the CPU on the other ECS machines if the sessions all go
to the same (or few) workbooks.
Round Robin — The WFE chooses the next ECS machine for every new session. You can
use this method to improve the load distribution between the ECS machines in some
scenarios. Over time, all available ECS processes should see the same approximate
number of open workbook requests.
Local — The WFE attempts to use the ECS located on the same machine as the WFE. Use
this method if you have a topology in which each machine in the farm contains both the
WFE and the ECS.
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