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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Retry Interval — The time interval (seconds) after which communication with an unreachable
ECS is attempted again. A server can be marked unreachable when the Excel Services proxy
component encounters problems connecting with the ECS. When an ECS is designated as
unreachable, it is not included in the load-balancing scheme (no more requests are sent to the
unreachable ECS). After the retry interval elapses, the proxy attempts to communicate with the
ECS to determine if it is responsive and, therefore, can be included in the load balancing scheme
again. Valid values for the Retry Interval property are 5 through 2073600 (24 days). The default
setting is 30.
Figure 7-11
Session Management
As shown in Figure 7-12, the Session Management section of the page contains one Excel Services
setting. Maximum Sessions Per User determines the maximum number of active sessions allowed for each
user. The default setting is 25. You can set this property to either of the following:
-1 (no session limit)
Positive integer
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