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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Maximum Unused Object Age — This setting determines the maximum time (minutes) that
inactive objects will remain in the memory cache. You can set this property to either of the following:
-1 — This is the default, which is no maximum age for inactive objects.
1 through 34560 (24 days)
Figure 7-13
Workbook Cache
As shown in Figure 7-14, the Workbook Cache section of the page contains the following Excel Services
Workbook Cache Location — This setting determines the workbook file cache location on the local
file system. Each workbook loaded by the ECS will be written to this cache location. Additional
cache folders will be created at this location as well to support caching of charts, ranges, and
saved workbooks. The default setting is %SystemRoot%\TEMP\Excel Server\FileCache\
<Ssp Name>.
Maximum Size Of Workbook Cache — This setting determines the maximum amount of disk space
(MB) that can be allocated to workbooks currently being used by the ECS, plus any recently
used workbooks that are not being used by an active session. The default setting is 40960. The
valid value for this property must be a positive integer.
Caching Of Unused Files — Select this if you want to allow the ECS to cache workbooks that are
no longer being used by an active session. The default will allow caching of unused files.
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