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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Figure 7-14
External Data
As shown in Figure 7-15, the External Data section of the page contains the following Excel Services
Connection Lifetime — This setting determines the maximum time (seconds) for an external data
connection to remain open. When the Connection Lifetime is exceeded, the connection is closed,
but it opens again when needed by the next query. Memory associated with a connection can be
released by the ECS after the connection is closed, which may be more relevant for connections
that are used infrequently. You can improve the reliability of the connections in the pool by
allowing connections to close periodically, because this removes any connections that are in a
less-than-optimal state. The default setting is 1800. You can set this property to either of the
-1 — Immediately closes the connection and never reuses a connection.
0 through 2073600 (24 days)
Unattended Service Account — This setting determines the default Windows account that ECS
uses to connect to data sources that require a user name and password string for authentication.
You must provide the following:
Name — Enter the account name in the form of domain\username.
Password — Enter the password for the account name in both the Password and Retype
Password fields.
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