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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Try It Out Setting Property Values
This example sets the ECS Load Balancing scheme to Round Robin, Maximum Sessions Per User to -1
(no session limit), and Maximum Private Bytes to 10GB. The settings will be applicable to only the
SharedServices1 SSP.
Open a command window and navigate to the directory containing the stsadm.exe file.
Enter the following to set new values for three of the properties:
stsadm -o set-ecsloadbalancing -Ssp SharedServices1 -Scheme RoundRobin
stsadm -o set-ecssessionmanagement -Ssp SharedServices1 -MaxSessionsPerUser \-1
stsadm -o set-ecsmemoryutilization -Ssp SharedServices1 -MaxPrivateBytes 10000
The following code shows the supported command-line arguments for working with Excel Services
stsadm -o set-ecsexternaldata
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-ConnectionLifetime <time in seconds>]
[-UnattendedServiceAccountName <account name>]
[-UnattendedServiceAccountPassword <account password>]
stsadm -o set-ecsloadbalancing
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-Scheme WorkbookUrl|RoundRobin|Local]
[-RetryInterval <time in seconds>]
stsadm -o set-ecsmemoryutilization
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-MaxPrivateBytes <memory in MBytes>]
[-MemoryCacheThreshold <percentage>]
[-MaxUnusedObjectAge <time in minutes>]
stsadm -o set-ecssecurity
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-FileAccessMethod UseImpersonation|UseFileAccessAccount]
[-AccessModel Delegation|TrustedSubsystem]
[-RequireEncryptedUserConnection False|True]
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