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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
stsadm -o set-ecssessionmanagement
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-MaxSessionsPerUser <number of sessions>]
stsadm -o set-ecsworkbookcache
-Ssp <SSP name>
[-Location <local or UNC path>]
[-MaxCacheSize <storage in Mbytes>]
[-EnableCachingOfUnusedFiles True|False]
For a detailed description of the supported Excel Services Settings properties on the SSP’s Excel Services
Settings administration page, see the “Excel Services Settings Properties” section earlier in this chapter.
Trusted Data Connection Libraries
By using trusted DCLs as a repository for data connection files, you add a layer of security to your
deployment of Excel Services. You can configure the library to restrict contributors, which gives you
control over the data sources used by all workbooks that Excel Services loads. You can configure each
trusted location to load connection information from only trusted DCLs.
Like trusted file locations, trusted DCLs have a scope that is limited to the SSP under which they are
created. The actual DCL has a scope that makes it available to multiple SSPs.
You must create the DCL separately, which you can do with the SharePoint site administration feature or
from the command line.
Trusted Data Connection Library Properties
Follow the directions provided previously in this chapter to navigate through Central Administration
until you arrive at the SSP home page. Then click the Trusted Data Connection Libraries link in the Excel
Services Settings section on the right side of the page.
The ExcelServerTrustedDcls.aspx page is displayed (see Figure 7-16). You can use this page to add a
trusted DCL, edit an existing trusted DCL, delete an existing trusted DCL, or simply see the properties
for existing trusted DCLs.
To edit or delete an existing trusted DCL, open the ECB menu associated with the corresponding trusted
DCL entry in the list, and select the operation you want to perform. To create a new trusted DCL, use the
Add Trusted Data Connection Library link at the top of the trusted DCLs list.
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