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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Figure 7-17
To work with this collection of properties through the command line, you must know the location of
the stsadm.exe file. This executable is installed on each MOSS server as part of the setup, and the file is
located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\bin\, for
The syntax for working with the command line is fairly standard. See the “Command Line Options for
Trusted File Locations” section earlier in this chapter for an overview.
Try It Out Adding and Removing a Trusted DCL
The first statement in this example creates a trusted DCL that points to a data connection library named
TheDcl and scopes to the SharedServices1 SSP. The second statement deletes the Trusted DCL.
Open a command window and navigate to the directory containing the stsadm.exe file.
Enter the following to create the trusted DCL:
stsadm -o add-ecstrusteddataconnectionlibrary -Ssp SharedServices1 -Location
Enter the following to delete the trusted DCL:
stsadm –o remove-ecstrusteddataconnectionlibrary –Ssp SharedServices1
–Location http://TheExcelServer/TheSite/TheDcl
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