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Chapter 7: Administration of Excel Services
Try It Out Creating a Trusted Data Provider
In this example, you create a new trusted data provider with an ID of MDrmSAP for the SharedServices1
SSP. You also include a description for this trusted data provider.
1. Open a command window and navigate to the directory containing the stsadm.exe file.
2. Enter the following to create a trusted data provider:
stsadm -o add-ecssafedataprovider -Ssp SharedServices1 –ID MDrmSAP –Type
oledb –Description “SAP OLAP OLE DB Provider”
The following code shows the supported command-line arguments for working with trusted data
stsadm -o add-ecssafedataprovider
-Ssp <SSP name>
-ID <data provider id>
-Type Oledb|Odbc|OdbcDsn
[-Description <descriptive text>]
stsadm -o remove-ecssafedataprovider
-Ssp <SSP name>
-ID <data provider id>
-Type Oledb|Odbc|OdbcDsn
For a detailed description of the supported trusted data providers properties on the SSP’s Trusted Data
Providers administration page, see the “Properties for Trusted Data Providers” section earlier in this
User-Defined Function Assemblies
A UDF enables you to call custom functions from your workbooks, with syntax similar to how you
would make a call to an intrinsic Excel function. You must enable UDFs on each trusted location that
needs to support a UDF; otherwise, each call to a UDF from a workbook in the trusted location will
return #NAME to the calling cell in the workbook.
UDFs have a scope that is limited to the SSP under which they are created. You can use the actual
managed UDF assembly across multiple SSPs, provided those SSPs are configured to use the UDF assembly.
As you start planning your deployment, take into consideration how you want to leverage UDF
assemblies. The UDF assembly must be available to each ECS in the SSP.
Properties for User-Defined Function Assemblies
Follow the directions provided previously in this chapter to navigate through Central Administration
until you arrive at the SSP home page. Then click the User-Defined Function Assemblies link in the Excel
Services Settings section on the right side of the page.
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