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Try It Out Creating a UDF Assembly
In this example, you create a UDF assembly for the SharedServices1 SSP. You use the assembly’s strong
name, Company.Department.TeamUdf, as the assembly location type.
Follow these steps:
1. Open a command window and navigate to the directory containing the stsadm.exe file.
2. Enter the following to create the UDF assembly:
stsadm -o add-ecsuserdefinedfunction -Ssp SharedServices1 -Assembly
Company.Department.TeamUdf –AssemblyLocation GAC
The following code shows the supported command line arguments for working with UDF assemblies:
stsadm -o add-ecsuserdefinedfunction
-Ssp <SSP name>
-Assembly <strong name|file path>
-AssemblyLocation GAC|File
[-Enable True|False]
[-Description <descriptive text>]
stsadm -o remove-ecsuserdefinedfunction
-Ssp <SSP name>
-Assembly <strong name|file path>
-AssemblyLocation GAC|File
For a detailed description of the supported UDF assembly properties on the SSP’s User-Defined
Function Assemblies administration page, see the “Properties for User-Defined Function Assemblies”
section earlier in this chapter.
Monitoring the MOSS is a necessary task for any administrator. Understanding the monitoring resources
at your disposal can certainly help you respond to problems, but it also increases your awareness of how
Excel Services is functioning. This section explains how to monitor Excel Services transactions and
overall health, as well as how to exert some control over the available monitoring for MOSS.
The first section, “Unified Logging Service (ULS),” explains the core architectural component used by
MOSS for server logging. The options available that allow for configuration of ULS are also discussed here.
The “Windows Event Logs” section takes you through this familiar interface and shows how it can
provide much of the same information available through the ULS logs.
The “Performance Counters” section explains the performance objects that are available to further assist
you with monitoring Excel Services.
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