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The ULS trace event level, in conjunction with the category, determines if the trace gets written to the
log. The MOSS default setting is the same for all categories, and writes all trace events except for those
with a Verbose level. The following table shows a breakdown of the 11 levels supported by the ULS, with
the most-critical level (Unassigned) described first and the least-critical level (Verbose) described last.
This is used if one of the other levels is not assigned to the trace event.
Events of type Error map to this level.
Events of type Warning and FailureAudit map to this level.
Events of type Information and SuccessAudit map to this level.
This is used for traces where an exception has occurred.
This is used for any trace where an assert has occurred.
This is used for any trace where something unexpected occurs.
This is used for any trace where an Office Web Service wants something
to be monitored.
This is used for high-level user actions and to relay high-level functional
This is used for medium-level user actions and to relay medium-level
functional information.
This is used for low-level user actions and to relay low-level functional
information. It includes technical details to assist with troubleshooting.
Changing the ULS Trace Logging Configuration
There may come a time when you want to make adjustments to the ULS trace event logs. The remainder
of this section explores the configuration settings that you can change through the SharePoint 3.0 Central
Administration site. The Try It Outs show you how to locate the settings within the Central Administration
site and its pages, followed by a discussion of the various settings.
Try It Out Locating the Central Administration Site
You can access the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration site using any of the following methods,
depending on where you happen to be when you need to do so:
Select Start
SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.
This launches the browser and loads the Central Administration site.
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Microsoft Office Server
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