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Figure 7-25
Try It Out Locating the Diagnostic Logging Page
The Diagnostic Logging page (metrics.aspx) exposes the ULS trace log directory path, the number of log
files to retain, and the number of minutes to use each log file (see Figure 7-26). This page also provides
the controls to adjust the logging level for each of the logging categories.
Use either of the following methods to open the metrics page:
Locate the Logging and Reporting section on the Operations page. Within that section, click
the Diagnostic Logging link.
Access it directly at http://<server running Central Administration>:
<TCP port>/_admin/metrics.aspx.
Trace Log
The Trace Log section of the metrics page contains the following ULS trace log configurable properties:
Path — You can use this setting to change the directory for the ULS trace logs. Keep in mind that
this setting affects the trace log directory on each server in the farm. It is a farm-wide ULS
configuration setting. The path you use must exist on each server in the farm. The default setting
for this property is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server
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