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Making Configuration Changes to Event Logging
Excel Services event traces are written to the application event log as defined by the Event Throttling
properties. As described previously, the Diagnostic Logging page (metrics.aspx) exposes the three
dropdown event log and ULS trace log throttling controls: the category, event log level, and trace log level
selectors. The event log selector controls the events that ultimately get logged to the Event Viewer’s
Application log.
Performance Counters
Excel Services provides performance counters that are available on each MOSS server by default. All
three Excel Services performance objects are available on each server, regardless of the role of that server
in the farm. This simply means that the role of the server dictates which performance counters actually
return data for activity on the server. For example, trying to use a WFE performance counter on an
Application Server will prove fruitless because the WFE components are not used on that server.
Try It Out Using an Excel Services Performance Counter
Launch the Performance Monitor application by selecting Start
Run. Type perfmon and select OK.
When PerfMon is running, add Excel Services performance counters by following these steps.
Click the Add button (or press Ctrl+I), which opens the Add Counters window.
Ensure that you are working with the expected Excel Server. Use the top input field to type the
server name (in the format of \\serverName).
Using the Performance Object control, select one of the following three objects for Excel
Excel Calculation Services — This object is relevant for the application server where the
ECS is installed.
Excel Services Web Front End — This object is relevant for the WFE where Excel Services
is installed.
Excel Web Access — This object is also relevant for the WFE where Excel Services is
A list of the counters that correspond to your selection is displayed. For example, if you select the ECS
object, the counters list looks like Figure 7-28.
Select a counter from the list and click Add.
Click Close to return to System Monitor view, and notice that the Excel Services performance
counter has been added.
The ECS performance object consists of 11 performance counters that provide data on the ECS activities. The
following table describes each of the ECS performance counters.
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