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Microsoft Operations Management Pack
This section provides a brief introduction to a monitoring platform available from Microsoft. The
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) is a Microsoft product that can help you monitor your system.
A Management Pack is a MOM add-on that provides rules and knowledge specific to an application.
MOM 2005 is available for purchase separately from MOSS. The MOM Pack for MOSS is supported only
by MOM 2005. Neither MOM 2000 nor MOM 2007 are supported. To find out how to obtain MOM 2005,
visit .
The Excel Services MOM Pack provides built-in rules support for a subset of the Excel Services events. The
following table briefly describes each of the Excel Services MOM Pack event rules.
Event Rule Name
Memory Allocation Failed
This error indicates that ECS attempted to allocate memory,
but the memory allocation failed.
Incorrect URL for Excel
Calculation Services
Components of ECS that run on front-end web servers use
URLs to communicate with ECS. These URLs are specified
in the configuration database, and vary depending on
which servers are enabled with the ECS role in Central
Workbook disk cache is full
ECS uses the workbook disk cache to store workbooks
previously opened by user requests. This cache is created on
the hard disk of each computer running ECS.
Unable to establish a
connection with Excel Calculation
ECS can be installed on each front-end web server, or on a
separate application server. Regardless of where ECS is
installed, all front-end web servers must be able to establish
a connection with ECS.
Unauthorized attempt to access
a session
When a user attempts to hijack another user’s session, ECS
denies requests made by the user who does not own the
session, and logs an event in the Windows NT event log.
Unable to delegate credentials
ECS is configured to use delegated credentials. This error
indicates that the front-end web server was unable to
delegate end-user credentials to ECS.
SSL is required but is not
ECS is configured to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), also
referred to as HTTPS, but SSL is not configured. This results
in client requests being denied by ECS.
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