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Event Rule Name
Workbook disk cache cannot
be created
ECS uses a disk cache to store workbooks. This disk cache is
used for loading workbooks in ECS. The location and size of
this disk cache is configured on the ECS pages in Central
Error communicating with
Excel Calculation Services
This error occurs when the front-end web server attempts to
establish a connection to ECS, but a communication error
Maximum memory
configured for Excel Calculation
Services has been exceeded
ECS provides a configurable setting for Maximum Private
Bytes that is used by the application pool in which ECS runs.
When the number of private bytes used by the application
pool process exceeds the value of the Maximum Private
Bytes setting, ECS stops processing requests for new
sessions, and processes only navigation and find requests on
existing sessions.
Single Sign-On failure
The Microsoft SSO service is a mechanism used to
authenticate a user only once to allow the user to gain access to all
computers and systems. Excel Services uses SSO for
authenticating with external data sources.
Excel Calculation Services not
In order for a front-end web server to use ECS, this service
must be running on either the front-end web server or on
another server in the farm. This alert indicates that ECS is
not running on any computer in the farm.
Invalid Session ID in the
There is an invalid session ID in the request.
Excel Calculation Services is
not running locally
ECS provides a set of load-balancing schemes from which
the administrator can choose. When the load-balancing
scheme is configured as Local, the Excel web components
running on the front-end web server always send requests to
ECS running on the local computer.
Invalid File Access method
ECS provides a setting for configuring the file access method
that is used for UNC and HTTP trusted locations. If the file
access method is configured as impersonation, ECS must be
able to delegate the end-user credential for accessing files.
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