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International Deployments
After an Excel Services rule is defined in MOM, you can then further refine the rule to perform a
responsive action when the rule event fires. For example, you could execute a script that triggers e-mail
notifications, pages your IT staff, or even runs code to remedy the condition.
International Deployments
This section focuses on a few different aspects of the Excel Services international administration options.
The discussion starts with the Excel Services setup, progresses into language packs, and finishes with
WSS configuration settings that directly affect workbooks and how data is presented. You should make
the majority of the international decisions up front, when you are building out your farm and getting it
ready for the users of the system.
One of the first international decisions you need to make is which language of MOSS to install. Your
MOSS deployment should be an environment in which you are comfortable working. From an
international perspective, this means choosing a language that you can read, understand, and communicate
with using a keyboard. The MOSS installation language you choose does not have to match the
language of the Windows Server 2003 operating system on the farm.
The setup wizard for installing MOSS shows content using the language that you have chosen to install.
Chapter 2 provides more detail about the steps to set up MOSS.
After setup is finished, the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration site is rendered using the language of
the MOSS installation. It is very important to understand that after SharePoint creates a site, you cannot
change the site language ID (UI culture). SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration is a site, and because it is
created at setup, the site language ID of the site matches the MOSS installation language used to set up
the farm server hosting the Central Administration service.
Other Excel Services features use the MOSS installation language as well, including the default UI
culture for both the EWA and Excel Services web service, user assistance (help context), performance
counters, event logs, and ULS logs.
Language Packs
You can extend the international support for your MOSS deployment by installing Office server
language packs. You can install a single language pack (SLP) to support a single additional language. You can
install as many individual SLPs as you need to support your deployment. The SLP must be installed on
each WFE and application server that hosts Excel Services components.
WSS language packs aren’t discussed here, but it might be helpful to point out that an Office server
language pack contains the WSS language pack content. By installing the Office server language pack for a
given language, you also get the WSS language pack functionality for that language.
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