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International Deployments
You can also install SLPs through the command line, which can be very useful when you need to install
many SLPs and/or you want to install the SLPs on multiple MOSS servers. All you need to do is pass
the path of the configuration xml file that you have created to the SLP setup.exe, like this:
Setup.exe /config <pathToConfigXml>
The xml file contains the following lines:
<Logging Type=”verbose” Path=”%temp%” Template=”Office Server Language Pack
<Display Level=”basic” CompletionNotice=”no” />
<PIDKEY Value=”<Pid Key Here>” />
The Display Level can have a value of none, which prevents the setup wizard from displaying. This is
probably the desired behavior if you are using the command line.
Removing an SLP
You can remove an SLP through Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. You can also repair the
SLP. In addition, you can use the command line to remove or repair the language pack.
Cultures and Workbooks
As mentioned earlier, the WSS site language ID is equivalent to the Excel Services UI culture. The site
language ID is set when the site is created and cannot be changed. The Excel Services UI culture cannot
be changed for a given site either. Each site also has an associated locale (or data culture as it is called in
Excel Services) that is set at site creation to correspond with the UI culture. You can change the locale
after a site has been created.
The site’s locale can be set by either the web administrator or by the users of the site. The web
administrator locale setting affects all users of the site and is considered the default or the web setting . When
users first visit a site, they use the web settings, and they can continue to use those settings unless they
explicitly make changes to their My Settings properties.
You can change the web administrator locale settings by following these steps:
Navigate to the site where you want to make the locale change.
Select Site Actions
Site Settings
Regional Settings.
Locate the Locale setting on the Regional Settings property page. The drop-down control
provides an extensive list of available locales from which to choose. Pick the locale that meets
your needs.
When you make changes to a site’s locale, the site’s sort order also changes to remain in sync with the
locale and to give the users of your site the best experience possible.
Select OK to apply your changes to the Regional Settings properties.
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