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Figure 7-29
To publish the workbook, click the Office button and select Publish
Excel Services. This opens
the Save As dialog box.
In the File Name field, enter the path to the Documents folder at the root of your portal (such
as http://TheServer/Documents/TheWorkbook.xlsx). The Open in Excel Services check box is
selected by default — leave it checked for this scenario.
Click Save to put the workbook in the Documents folder. Your browser automatically starts and
loads the workbook using the Excel Services feature, which allows you to render workbooks
without requiring the EWA Web Part to be embedded on a WSS page.
The EWA rendering shown in Figure 7-30 is for a site with a UI culture of English and an English data
culture. The formatting for cells B3 and B4 use the formatting that is applicable to the site’s data culture
(English). Cell B5 uses explicit formatting, and so the formatting for that cell won’t change, regardless of
the data culture.
Follow these steps to change your data culture and reload the workbook in Excel Services:
Use the same browser session and click the Home link in the upper-left corner of the browser.
Select Welcome <your name>
My Settings
My Regional Settings.
The Regional Settings property page loads. Unselect the Always Follow Web Settings option
and set the locale to German. Save your settings by clicking OK.
Navigate back to http://TheServer/Documents and locate TheWorkbook.xlsx.
Hover over the workbook name to make sure the ECB control is activated. Click the down
arrow to see the available options for the workbook. Click View in Web Browser to load the
workbook using EWA.
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