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Chapter 8: Security
When thinking about security in the context of Excel Services, you might consider some of the
following aspects:
Workbooks and information queried from external data sources are shown only to users
with appropriate privileges.
There are ways to limit which parts of the workbooks are displayed.
Excel Services is not used by a malicious user to attack innocent end users.
The server is robust against attacks meant to take it down.
Excel Services can help with corporate compliance regulations.
These and other aspects are part of security. The Excel Services security is based on SharePoint,
which provides the platform for authenticating the users, setting permissions on files, auditing,
groups, roles, and the administration model.
Excel Services adds security features to SharePoint that are specific to Excel workbooks and
querying data from external sources.
In this chapter, you learn about the various aspects of Excel Services security. The first part covers
how users are authenticated and how their permissions are used to limit what they are allowed to
see. The second part covers the various ways you can protect the server against malicious attacks.
Protecting the Workbook
You can use Excel Services to limit the information that is given to users based on their privileges.
Chapter 11 provides step-by-step instructions for controlling this information.
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