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Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser
Sharing Workbooks with
the Browser
Now that you have a good understanding of the scenarios Excel Services is designed for, how the
server looks and works underneath the hood, and how to set up the server, this chapter focuses on
sharing workbooks with the browser.
The remaining chapters in this topic are designed to acquaint you with using the server’s
functionality. Though they present step-by-step instructions to using Excel Services features, this is
not a replacement for the manual and online help provided with the product.
Using Excel Services to share workbooks with the browser consists of the following two steps:
Publishing workbooks to the server
Viewing workbooks in the browser
Publishing a Workbook to the Server
There are two basic steps to publishing a spreadsheet to Excel Services:
Saving the spreadsheet to a location that the server has access to and is a trusted location
Verifying that the server can load, calculate, and render the spreadsheet in the browser
The Simple Case
This section examines the most straightforward case for publishing a spreadsheet to the server and
viewing it in the browser. In the following Try It Out, you use the sample workbook provided with
this topic, Sales Report.xlsx.
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