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Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser
Figure 9-2
Verify that the Open in Excel Services box is checked (which it is by default).
Publish the workbook by clicking the Save button.
A new browser window opens with the workbook displayed, as shown in Figure 9-3. Use the
sheet tabs at the bottom of the display to view the different sheets in the workbook. (The toolbar
at the top of the workbook is discussed later in the “Viewing Workbooks in the Browser”
section, later in the chapter.)
Close the browser window.
How It Works
The simple description of how this works is that the workbook is saved to the server, loaded by Excel
Services, calculated, and then rendered in the browser as HTML.
Getting into more detail about what happened in this exercise, when you clicked the Save button, Excel
simply saved the workbook to the location you specified. In this regard, you get the same results as
when you use the Save or Save As features.
Next, because you used the Publish dialog box with the Open In Excel Services option checked, Excel
opened a new browser window and passed the URL for the workbook you just saved to the Excel
Viewer page as a parameter (more on this in the “The Excel Viewer Page” section later in this chapter).
The resulting page is not a “preview.” It is the actual workbook loaded and rendered by the server. This
is equivalent to saving the workbook and then manually opening a browser and navigating to that
workbook on the server.
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