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Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser
Figure 9-3
The Excel Viewer page contains the Excel Web Access (EWA) Web Part and it, in turn, called on the Excel
Calculation Service (ECS). The ECS loaded the workbook, calculated it, and returned the updated
workbook to EWA. EWA then created the HTML that represents the workbook and returned it to the browser.
Finally, the browser rendered HTML on your desktop to give you an accurate representation of the
As the author of the workbook, you also have rights to view the workbook in the browser. The “Viewing
Workbooks in the Browser” section later in this chapter goes into more detail on the rights necessary to
view a workbook.
In the next section, you go back to the Publish dialog box in Excel and use the Show tab to control which
parts of the workbook are visible in the browser.
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