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Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser
Unsupported Features or File Formats
Excel Services does not support all the functionality of the client. Therefore, a workbook that is working
fine on the client may fail to load on the server, and the error message shown in Figure 9-10 is displayed.
(Chapter 4 examined the features supported by Excel Services, as well as common workarounds for
features that are not supported.)
To remedy this error, return to the Excel client, verify that you are saving the workbook in either Excel
Workbook (*.xlsx) or Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb) format, and remove any unsupported features.
Figure 9-10
External Data Issues
Chapter 5 discussed how to work with external data and Excel Services. A common error is attempting
to publish a workbook that contains a query to an external data source that the server does not have
permissions for. If the server is set up to fail loading a workbook if the data refresh fails, you receive an
error message (see Figure 9-11) and the workbook does not load.
To remedy this error, correct the server settings for the external data query (as described in Chapter 5).
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