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Chapter 9: Sharing Workbooks with the Browser
Figure 9-11
Offline Editing Options and the Server Drafts Location
Excel 2007 (as well as the other Office applications) has a new feature for the offline editing of
documents stored in SharePoint. This feature works in conjunction with document library check-in and
check-out features. When you check out a file from SharePoint for editing, a local copy is saved in a
drafts folder. The file is saved to the original SharePoint location only when you check it back in.
If you are using offline editing options and trying to publish a workbook to Excel Services, you may
receive an error message that says, “Unable to display the workbook in the browser. Unable to detect
Excel Services.” This error occurs when you are working on a workbook that is checked out. Publishing
the workbook saves it locally to the drafts folder. When Excel attempts to open the workbook in the
browser, it is unable to do so because the local folder is not on a server that Excel Services can reach. To
actually publish the workbook to the server and view it in the browser, you must check the workbook
back in.
If you want to view the workbook in the browser after publishing, and would rather not go through
checking the workbook out and then in, you can turn the offline editing mode off through the Save
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