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Viewing Workbooks in the Browser
options in Excel. By doing this, you guarantee that the workbook is saved directly to the server and can
be opened in Excel Services.
Now that you have seen the various ways you can publish a workbook to the server, as well as how to
control what is visible in the browser after a workbook is published, the next section describes how the
consumers of your workbook find and view it in the browser.
Viewing Workbooks in the Browser
When you publish a workbook from Excel to the server, you can quickly and easily view it in the
browser by selecting the Open in Excel Services option. But how do other users find out about your
workbook and view it? This rest of this chapter describes a number of different options.
Viewing a Workbook from a Document Library
The most straightforward way to view a workbook in the browser is to navigate to the SharePoint
document library that contains the workbook, and select the option to view the workbook in the browser.
Try It Out Viewing a Workbook from a Document Library
To view a workbook from a document library, follow these steps:
Open the home page of your server in the browser.
Navigate to the document library where you saved your workbook in the previous exercise,
http://TheExcelServer/shared documents.
Hover over the workbook filename and open the drop-down menu.
Select View In Web Browser from the drop-down menu.
The workbook opens in the browser.
How It Works
When you selected the View In Web Browser option, the Excel Viewer page was loaded with the URL for
the workbook passed to it. The workbook was loaded and calculated on ECS, and EWA rendered the
workbook in the browser.
If you click on the workbook in the document library, it opens in Excel (the client application).
Next, you learn how to change the default click behavior of a document library to open Excel workbooks
in the browser.
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