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Viewing Workbooks in the Browser
Click OK at the bottom of the screen.
Return to the document library by clicking its link in the My Links drop-down list at the top of
the page.
Click the workbook name.
The workbook opens in the browser.
How It Works
The setting that you changed is not specific to Excel Services. It applies to any file type that has a File
Handler for viewing files installed on SharePoint. You changed the default so that if a user clicks any file
of this type in this document library, it is sent to the browser and not to the client application. No other
file types are affected.
If you want to open the workbook in the Excel client (perhaps to edit it), hover over the workbook name
and select Edit In Microsoft Office Excel from the drop-down menu.
The next section takes a closer look at the Excel Viewer Page.
The Excel Viewer Page
The Excel Viewer page provides the default out-of-the-box viewing experience for workbooks in Office
SharePoint Server. It is designed to give maximum screen real estate to the workbook being viewed. The
Excel Viewer is an ASP page that is installed by default with Office SharePoint Server. Every SharePoint
site has an Excel Viewer page installed for each site in the layouts directory. The page has two elements:
the SharePoint navigation crumb and the EWA control. The navigation crumb provides a link back to the
location on SharePoint from which the user navigated to the Excel Viewer page. The EWA provides the
browser-based interface to workbooks.
The Excel Viewer page takes a number of parameters on the query string. The most important of these is
the URL for the workbook to be loaded and viewed in EWA, which is passed on the id parameter. You
can use the range parameter to set the range or a named object to be displayed in the workbook.
You can customize the workbook viewing experience by creating your own Excel Viewer Pages and
replacing the one installed by default.
Sending a Link to View a Workbook in the Browser
The previous examples assumed that the user who wants to view the workbook knows where it is, and
navigates to the correct document library to view it. In the next Try It Out, you learn how you can send a
user a link for viewing the workbook in the browser.
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