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Viewing Workbooks in the Browser
Try It Out Sending a Link to View a Workbook in the Browser
To send users a link so they can view a workbook in the browser, follow these steps:
Navigate back to the document library that contains the workbook,
http://TheExcelServer/shared documents.
Hover over the workbook name and open the drop-down menu.
Click the Send To menu option to open the fly-out.
Click Email A Link (see Figure 9-13).
Assuming you have an e-mail program installed, a new mail message with a link in it is created.
For example:
http://TheExcelServer/_layouts/xlviewer.aspx?id=/shared documents/Sales
If you or the e-mail recipient clicks the link in the e-mail message, the workbook opens in the browser if
that is the default setting for files in this document library, or in the client if it is not.
Figure 9-13
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