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The link that is generated is not the workbook URL. The link is to the Excel Viewer page with the
workbook URL on its id parameter. This ensures that the workbook is, in fact, opened in the browser,
assuming that this is the default setting for the document library.
If you simply use the browser’s built-in Copy Shortcut functionality to capture the workbook URL and
send that in an e-mail message, the link bypasses the Excel Viewer page and the workbook opens in the
Excel client, regardless of the document library setting.
This was the first of four chapters that take you through the user scenarios described in Chapter 1. This
chapter dealt with the most basic use case of Excel Services: sharing workbooks through the browser.
The chapter began with a look at how to publish a workbook from Excel client to the server. It then
looked at the scenario from the other side: viewing a published workbook in the browser.
In this chapter, you learned to do the following:
Publish a workbook to the server
Control which regions of the workbook are viewable in the browser
View a workbook in the browser
Change the default behavior for opening a workbook from a document library
Send a link to a workbook published to the server
In Chapter 10, you learn how to navigate and interact with the workbook in the browser.
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