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Chapter 10: Interacting with Workbooks in the Browser
Interacting with Workbooks
in the Browser
Excel Services allows you to not only view the workbook in the browser, but also interact with it.
There are numerous things you can do within the workbook, starting with navigating within and
between sheets all the way through exploring external data with a PivotTable.
The goal of the supported interactivity features is to allow you to explore the data in the
workbook and use the calculation models within it. It is not to author or modify the saved workbook,
so do not expect to be able to edit formulas, type in cells, or change the formatting of a chart, for
example. You also won’t find a Save button on the toolbar. It is assumed that you will be
interacting with the workbook to find a number or perform a calculation, and that after you do, there will
be no more interaction.
This chapter examines all the ways you can interact with a workbook in the browser, including the
Navigating workbooks and hyperlinks
Using tables to sort and filter data
Using PivotTables
Working with workbook parameters
Interactivity and charting
The EWA Toolbar
Controlling EWA interactivity settings
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