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Navigating Workbooks and Hyperlinks
Use the scroll bar to scroll through the workbook. You can only scroll down to row 75 and
across to column T.
Press the right arrow on the right side of the navigation toolbar to scroll 20 columns to the right.
Open the down arrow button menu and select Bottom Row (see Figure 10-1). Notice that the
down arrow is disabled.
Open the up arrow button menu and select Top Row.
Open the left arrow button menu and select Left-Most Column to return to the beginning of the
Figure 10-1
How It Works
When EWA is used to view a workbook, it requests a range of cells from the ECS. The size of this range
is based on the settings for how many columns and rows to return. Each time you scroll within a
worksheet using the arrow buttons, EWA requests the relevant range from ECS. In addition to the range, ECS
also tells EWA whether there are additional used cells to the left, right, top, or bottom of the current
range. The buttons on the toolbar are enabled or disabled accordingly.
Next, you learn how to switch between sheets in the browser.
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